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The Day After

January 12, 2012

Things settled down quite a bit today. I had breakfast with the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Davis Chamber, which is led by Kori Ann Edwards and Nathan Rich. There were 40 or so people there — a very impressive group to say the least.

I can also report that I will be serving on the Business & Labor and Judiciary committees. I will chair the Retirement Committee, and also serve on the Appropriations–Social Services committee.

Several people have told me that the Social Services/Appropriations is one of the worst/hardest assignments in the Legislature because it meets so often and deals with a lot of teadious issues. But I am happy for it and hope to learn a lot about the budget.

I will be sworn in by Governor Herbert tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. Which is a scarey thought. Becasue I am officially becoming a state senator on Friday the 13th.

  1. Maybe it’s the rest of the senate who should be afraid of you with you being sworn in on Friday the 13th…

  2. Rhonda Perkes permalink

    It’s lucky 13(th)!

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