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Looking Back

January 16, 2012

Looking back at last week is almost surreal. As I sit here on Monday morning, I remember all of the anxiety I felt a week ago, and the urgency to try and telephone each of the 267 delegates before the vote the next day.

On Friday, I was officially appointed by Governor Herbert. We met in the Governor’s formal office at the Capitol, and I invited some family members and a few campaign supporters to attend. I was a little nervous because I was told I could bring 10 guests and 12 showed up. Oh well . . .

We all met at the Capitol at 9:45 a.m. When it was time arrived for us to go in to see the Governor, the door was locked. The poor employee was so embarrassed as she ran around and tried to find a key. I thought it was kind of funny!

My youngest son, Styles (11), really hammed it up with Gary Herbert and managed to get his own picture with him. Ally Isom, the Deputy Chief of Staff, volunteered to run a future campaign for him. (He is the same one who also hammed it up a bit as we were walking off the stage at the convention.)

Afterwards, we went on a little informal tour of the Capitol and had lunch in the East Building. My kids enjoyed getting their pictures at my desk in the Senate Chambers, as well as in President Waddoups’ chair. (Don’t tell!) But their favorite part, by far, was the free soda dispenser in the Senate Office.

On Saturday, I met with several groups of constituents. First was the Davis Democrats at Granny Annies for breakfast. We listened to Rep. Joel Briscoe speak, and I made a few comments at the end. I invited them to join me at the Capitol for the Senate District 23 day that I am planning for the second Monday in February. On Saturday afternoon, I met with some great people from the disability community in Bountiful. I really enjoyed our time together and learned a lot from them.

Saturday evening, Elizabeth and I visited with friends at the Little America in SaltLake, where Dan Liljenquist was kicking off his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

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  1. Congratulations, Todd. Looking forward to your career.

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