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Day 4 of 45: The Beehive

January 27, 2012

Four days in and I’m seeing that the session is just one big beehive of activity. Or a rat race.

There are literally a thousand things happening at the same time. I have been surprised to learn so much about what is going on — especially in the House — by simply reading the newspaper. Having been on the outside looking in for so long, I would have never guessed what an isolated experience that I would have.

I only see the tip of the iceberg. While I am sitting in a basement with the social services committee for two hours each morning, there’s a ton of other things going on that I may never find out about.

On Thursday, I presented my first bill, SB138, to a committee. It passed out on a 4-1 vote, which was great. The one vote against it came from someone who I believe liked the bill, but saw a political advantage in voting against it. That’s politics I guess.

Before that hearing, I ran over to the Assembly Room in the State Office Building (affectionately called the SOB), and spoke about SB138 to the Association of School Boards. Only after I was finished speaking did I notice that among the crowd were several people who I knew from Davis County: Ben Horsley, Peter Cannon and Bryan Bowles. For those five minutes, our Capitol experiences intersected. Otherwise, I would have never found out that they were there.

Here are some photos detailing that beehive of activity.

This is Robyn White and Judi Clark from Parents for Choice.  We are wearing scarfs to commemorate the Governor’s proclamation of “Choice in Education” day.

Here we are with a costume from the Shakesperean Festival. Fred Adams and the merry crew were in Salt Lake to promote their cause. Elizabeth and I were pleased to catch a short performance of our favorite song from Les Mis.

A legislator is expected to receive and process a ton of information at incredible speeds — all day long. The most common question I got today was, “are you enjoying it?”. The truth is that I’m loving every minute of every day!

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