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Day 8: Davis Chamber

January 30, 2012

My Monday morning started at 6:40 a.m. with a call from Vaughn wondering why I wasn’t already at the Capitol. “I’m just about to leave,” I told him. He was calling becasue the Davis Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee meets every Monday during the session at 7:00 a.m.

I was three minutes late. At the Davis Chamber meeting, we talkied about liquor laws impeeding economic development, and new threats to Hill Air Force Base among other things.

The leadership goals for the session are to stabilize the budget, avoid tax increases, pay down debt, avoid bonding, fund growth in education, and replenish rainy day funds.

I had two committee meetings today, and two hours on the Senate floor. Once again, my SB138 was on the second reading calendar but time ran out before we got to it. I was especially frustrated with that outcome today, as five new bills were placed ahead of it. When we reached quitting time at 11:45, SB138 would have been the next bill up for debate. My goal was to get it passed by both bodies and signed by the Governor within the first 10 days of the session, but that now appears unlikely.

I had lunch in the Rotunda with these great folks from Davis County.

Most of them were brand new to the legislative process, and I enjoyed answering their questions. Jim Nielsen and Becky Edwards joined in on the discussion.

I spent a good deal of my afternoon meeting with state employees regarding my bills and committee assignments. There is so much to learn, especially regarding the appropriations subcommittee for social services.

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