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Day 18: The Grind

February 9, 2012

Today has been rather routine. I’m beginning to feel the grind of the session. The days are all starting to blend together.

I continue to rush from meeting to meeting. I am amazed at how little time there is in the day. I have started to set up short meetings just outside of my committee rooms because the hearings rarely ever start on time.

Yesterday my adoption bill was up for discussion in the Judiciary committee. I was there on time but outside in the hall talking to the witnesses who would be speaking on my bill. Not only did the committee start on time (a first), but they had already skipped my bill and moved on when I entered the room two minutes late. Fortunately everything turned out well. I was actually glad that Senator Hillyard, who I like, arrived later than me. We probably saved 30 minutes in not having to answer his questions.

General Tarbet from The Utah National Guard gave our opening prayer in the Senate today.


Today, Phillip Ellsworth came and hung out with me at the Capitol.


This is Dr. Richard Siddoway testifying to the Senate Education Committee about the benefits of the Electronic High School.


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