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Day 21: Another Sunday

February 12, 2012

Today is Sunday, but I still took and hour or two to call everyone about Senate District 23 Day at the Legislature. Here is the email that I sent to the people who registered:

We will be meeting at 7:00 a.m. with the Davis Chamber and several legislators from Davis County in ROOM 30 in the House Building, which is on the WEST SIDE of the Capitol Quad. It is actually a separate building that is located just off the northeast corner of the Capitol itself. This meeting is for the Davis Chamber to discuss issues that are important to Davis County.

If you can’t make it that early, you could catch up with us at 8:15 sharp in the Capitol Rotunda (which is the huge open area in the middle of the Capitol where you can look up into the Dome).

At 9:00, we will be meeting with Gov. Herbert in the Gold Room.

After that, we will meet in Room B110 in the SOB (State Office Building on the north side of the quad) to hear from

10:05 – Ally Isom (deputy chief of staff)
10:20 – John Pearce (the Governor’s General Counsel)
10:35 – Mike Mower (deputy chief of staff)

At 11:00, you will head over to the Senate Chambers to watch us in session. Once you get there, I will recognize the group from the floor.

After the Senate concludes business, we will head over to the cafeteria in the East Building for lunch (at your own expense).

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