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Day 25: Priorities and Intent Language

February 16, 2012

Today was wonderful because for the first time since Day 1, I didn’t have any early meetings. So I rode my bike in.

Pastor Rob Bruendl offered our morning prayer.


As appropriations committees wrapped up this week, I learned a lot about legislative priorities and intent language.

During the past few days, each appropriations subcommittee has to/gets to rank its various requests for funding. Since there is NEVER enough money to fund everything, these rankings dictate which projects get money, and which don’t. This process was amazing to witness, and tempers flared at times as the winners and losers were chosen.

Legislative intent is documentation that is occasionally attached to legislation that can be used by the courts, etc. to determine the intent and reasoning behind the appropriation. It would be used by the committee if the topic might; at some point, be considered uncertain.

We also honored Japanese veterans from World War II today.


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