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Day 26: SB 55 Passes the Senate

February 17, 2012

Today started off with a 7:00 am meeting with a coalition of northern Utah chambers of commerce. During that meeting, we discussed transportation, Hill Air Force Base, new buildings, healthcare, education priorities, tourism, immigration, economic development and rural issues.

Here are a few tweets that I sent during that meeting:

-Tage Flint tells legislators that we have 1/3 the snowpack that we did last year, and that we “have an average but never experience it”

-Rep. Dee says the 1% increase to the WPU (weighted pupil unit) will not even cover the increased retirement fees hitting public ed this year

-Joan Hammer tells legislators that revenues generated by tourism equates to a $700 tax credit to every Utah household.

My SB 55 adoption bill passed the Senate’s third reading calendar without a single dissenting vote. You can read it here. It has generated some media attention, as you can see here.

We honored a few “mother of the year” award recipients in the Senate today, including Anastasia Najarian from Bountiful.


I was pleased to speak with Bishop Wester on the Senate floor.


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