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Day 32: SJR 22

February 23, 2012

Today I voted against Senate Joint Resolution 22, which can be read here.

This was a difficult vote. School teachers and public education advocates saw it as a threat to future funding. The Sutherland Institute pushed it as a necessary change to reign in the growth in government spending.

While I am concerned about both the growth and spending in government, I didn’t want to artificially tie the hands of legislators. Utah is the Best Managed State for a reason. We have elections every two years for a reason. In addition, California and Colorado have enacted similar measures but they didn’t work out as expected.

Today, the Senate voted on SB 177 (GRAMA) that was much different than HB 477 last year. As a result of the backlash over last year’s ill-advised process, there was a new level of collaboration between the legislature and the media (and the public) in creating this bill. I was happy to vote in favor of it.

Today, my SB 165 passed its second reading in the Senate with no opposition. It is a technical clean up bill for redevelopment agencies.

I will be presenting SB 235 (Clarification of Stalking Injunctions) and SCR 11 (NDAA Resolution) very soon.

  1. Lane Fawcett permalink

    I have a daughter that has been teaching health classes in Utah schools for the past 8 years. Over that period of time only a handfull of parents have opted out of the sex education part of the class. This should tell us something!
    As much as I would hope that all parents would teach thier childern about STD’s and other sex related items it isn’t happening. Why limit this information to the very few that really get it at home. It’s a social issue and it needs to be taught to all of our students.
    Please vote no on the current house bill related to sex education in our schools.

    • Lane Fawcett permalink

      What does Your comment is awaiting moderation mean.

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