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Day 42: Beginning of the End

March 5, 2012

Today is the beginning of the last week of the session. For the first time those session, I brought one of my children with me. My youngest, Eliza, begged me over the weekend so she is missing school today.

Here we are at my desk on the Senate floor.


We started the day late and then recessed to caucus after only 30 minutes on the floor.

Also, three of our Senate interns performed Amazing Grace — and they were awesome.


We voted on over 50 bills today. SB 264, which I recalled from the House last week, died today. Also, my Credit for Veteran’s Training bill passed the Senate today.

Today was our last day on Senate bills. We will spend the rest of the week on House bills. The budget priorities are starting to set in, and the House and Senate leaders are still quite a bit apart on key issues like autism.

Oh, and the nameplate for my senate chamber desk finally arrived. When Rob Bishop was speaking a few weeks ago, he referred to me as “Senator Scotch Tape” since my name plate was blank. Here it is:


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