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Day 43: The Express Lane

March 6, 2012

We are cruising through House bills in the Senate this morning. Surprisingly, though, the most heated debate was over Senator Osmond’s resolution asking legislators to visit schools.

My 11 year old, Styles, joined me on the floor today and offered the pledge of allegiance for the body. Here we are at my desk:


In addition, a lot of people think Styles (who is a super Scout) resembles the boy from the movie, Up. I have also heard some people joke the Senator Knudsen resembled the Grandpa from Up. So I thought I’d get a picture onthe two of them together.


Today we addressed several controversial bills including abstinence only sex education and to so-called Ag-Gag bill. Both passed the second reading by large margins. We also voted and passed two of the federal lands bills.

The real battles right now are on budget priorities. Many bills that passed both chambers will not take effect because there are not enough funds to cover their fiscal notes.

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