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The Bills I Passed This Session

March 11, 2012

Here is a list of the bills I passed this year:

SB0055S01 Amendments to Adoption Code

This bill amends provisions of the Utah Adoption Act relating to the rights and obligations of an unmarried biological father and other matters related to adoption. It provides a mechanism whereby a pregnant mother may voluntarily opt to provide notice to the father, and provides him 30 days to register with the state. If he fails to do so, he will waive his right to contest any future adoption.

SB0138S01 Health Insurance Mandate Accountability Amendments

This bill amends the Accident and Health Insurance Policy chapter of the Insurance Code. This bill does two things. First, it extends any health care mandates enacted after January 1, 2012 to employees of public and higher education. (This way, the state is forced to live by the same rules that it imposes on small businesses.) Second, it forces the Legislature to appropriate extra funds to education to cover the increased cost of the insurance premium resulting from the mandate. (This creates fiscal notes that thereby make mandates more difficult to pass.)

SB0142 Traffic Management Committee Repeal

This bill strikes provisions of the Transportation code by repealing the Traffic Management Committee. In other words, this bill makes government smaller!

SB0165S01 Redevelopment Agency Amendments

This bill amends provisions related to community development and renewal agencies.

SB0235S01 Clarification of Stalking Injunctions and Protective Orders

This bill allows a court with a petition for a stalking injunction to take into consideration any minor children the parties may have together.

SB0236 GPS Tracking Authority

This bill strikes provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure regarding the use by law enforcement of mobile tracking devices. In other words, this bill struck an unconstitutional law by taking it off the books. Now, law enforcement will have to get a warrant before attaching a GPS device to a suspect’s vehicle.

SB0282 Credit for Veteran Training

This bill allows a veteran to receive a commercial driver license under specified conditions. I ran this bill for a delegate whose son had returned home from Afghanistan.

SCR011S03 Concurrent Resolution on the National Defense Authorization Act

This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor expresses concerns over portions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

  1. Anne Marie Oborn permalink

    Please let us know what happened to the bill which involves the common core or smarter balance. There were amendments and so which ones passed and how did you vote on them?
    I remember that when I asked you about this you said that you were opposed. Are you still opposed and how did you vote?
    The assessments from the federal gov. and the cost seems like it is another ” no child left behind” and “race to the top” which leaves the counties with more tax increases and less local control. How did you vote on this and why.
    PS Obama wants this to be approved and several states are trying to get out of it. I know you have been very busy and I appreciate your hours of service. If you have changed your mind on this. Please let us know why. I think that the grant money which helps to fund it is attached and I feel that if our Fed.government has to borrow maybe we should decline the grants. These are hard decisions and I want to support you in your efforts to be more conservative in spending our tax dollars whether Federal or State. Warm Regards, Anne Marie Oborn

    • The bill died in the House, one of 4-5 senate bills that were never heard. So common core remains in place. However, we still have SB 287 that was passed. This was Margaret Dayton’s bill that put in “triggers” for us to pull out of Common Core if we felt it was too expensive or the quality was in question. That will help us if we find more problems.

  2. Jason permalink

    Not bad for a 10-days notice. Thank you for serving and best in the reelection. Hopefully you get a break in between. You looked pretty tired a few weeks ago. 🙂

    • I think HB 298 passed because we are one o the only states that requires annual safety and emissions inspections on vehicles.

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