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Term Limits

March 13, 2012

I have been asked if I would limit the number of terms I will serve in the Utah Senate. My answer is no. Why?

First and foremost, I keep my pledges. Unlike so many politicians, I would keep the pledge no matter what. And I cannot predict the future. So while i do not foresee serving in excess of two more terms, I think it would be foolish to place an artificial restriction on myself. Davis County has suffered from a lack of leadership in the Senate. The last Senate President from Davis County was Lane Beattie, and that was over a decade ago. What if I were positioned for such a leadership position eight years from now?

Davis County’s Haven Barlow served 39 years in the Utah Legislature. He is a stalwart of Utah politics, and accomplished much good for the state. What if we had run him out of office after eight years?

Some of the most effective members of the Senate have been there for well over a decade. President Waddoups is retiring this year after 26 years. Lyle Hillyard just finished his 32nd session. John Valentine has also been there for 24 years. I don’t plan to follow their examples, but I do value what they being to the table.

Term limits sound great on paper. In reality, they have fallen short of my expectations. Just look at California. It has term limits, but they only accomplished delivering all the real power to the bureaucrats and the lobbyists. Is that what we want for Utah?

Another problem is that they terminate the ‘good’ politicians along with the ‘bad’. I also believe that there are better ways to avoid the abuses of entrenched power, and to improve the quality of our legislative performance. Most importantly, we already have term limits. They are called elections. Vote the rascals out if you don’t like them.

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  1. Heidi Colledge permalink

    Bravo! I think we need experienced representatives in office to push through all the red tape and get things done. You’ve only been in office a short time but you’ve definately hit the ground running… Why wouldn’t we want many more years of your service? In my opinion, you will continue to improve with time in office. Thanks for keeping me, a Davis County resident, informed.

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