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Refinery Expansions

June 1, 2012

I have received a handful of emails from concerned citizens regarding plans at a few local refineries to expand operations.  I have met with officials at Tesero and Holly at their facilities, and have reviewed their plans.  I am closely monitoring the situation, and feel that both companies have been very open and transparent with the community.

Rep. Roger Barrus has a lot of expereience with these kind of environmental matters, and provided the following response to an email from one of his constitutents (that I thought was worth sharing):

“I have personally looked at the expansion plans of both refineries.  In Tesoro’s plan, some emissions will increase while others will decrease.  Any increase is still under Tosoro’s current permit cap.  Holly, on the other hand, is lowering all pollutant levels by modifying their equipment during the expansion process.  The modifications are also designed to allow them to use more Uintah Basin crude and less Canadian crude, thus creating more jobs in Utah and more revenue to our State’s economy.  That’s a win/win by anyone’s standard.  I think Holly deserves our thanks, not our criticism.  Cleaner air, more Utah jobs, a better State economy — Isn’t that we are asking industry to do?”

Here is a good article from today’s Salt Lake Tribune:


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