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Day 4: Bishop Eschler

February 1, 2013

My bishop, Lee Eschler, offerred the opening prayer in the Seante today.

Bishop Prayer

Here is what we discussed in the Senate Business and Labor committee on Thursday:

HB0012 – Alarm Company Employee Licensing (Dunnigan). This bill modifies the definition of “alarm company agent” to exclude some alarm company employees from licensing requirements. It passed.

SB0041 – Uniform Commercial Code Amendments (Hillyard). This bill modifies the Uniform Commercial Code to address secured transactions. It passed after being amended in committee.

SB0044 – Construction Trades Licensing Revisions (Mayne). This bill modifies the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act regarding unincorporated entities that are engaged in a construction trade. It effectively eliminates the practice of making every worker hired a member of the corporate LLC to avoid certain protection guarantees to employees. It passed unanimously.

SB0142 – Repeal of Blacklisting Provisions (Thatcher). This bill provides penalties for blacklisting a former employee.

SB0143 – Mortgage and Financial Affairs Amendments (Harper). This bill amends requirements for communications between lenders and mortgage holders.

Also, I visited with some students from the University of Utah who were showcasing their science projects in the rotunda.

Jesse Spencer

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