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Day 9: Unauthorized Practice of Law

February 5, 2013

Today in Senate Judiciary, we discussed the following:

SB0144 Reauthorization of Prohibitions on Practicing Law Without a License (Jenkins) reinstates provisions that prohibit the unauthorized practice of law, which were inadvertently removed due to technical effective date requirements. Passed.

SB0146 Driving Under the Influence Amendments (Jenkins) establishes minimum hours that a court shall require a person to participate in home confinement, using electronic monitoring, for a first, second, or felony driving under the influence offense. Passed.

SB0155 Open Adoption (Hillyard) permits a prospective adoptive parent, birth parent, or other birth relative of a prospective adoptive child to enter into an open adoption agreement (that is, a document, agreed upon prior to the finalization of an adoption, that outlines the relationship between an adoptive parent, birth parent or other biological relative, and adopted child after the finalization of adoption). SB 155 requires court approval of an open adoption agreement before it becomes legally enforceable; prohibits enforcement of open adoption agreements that are not in the best interest of the child; and states that violation of an open adoption agreement is not grounds to set aside an adoption. Tabled.


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