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Day 17: Wednesday, Feb. 13

February 13, 2013

Today in Senate Judiciary, we will consider the following bills:

SB0170 Identity Fraud Amendments (Thatcher) adds “photograph or realistic likeness” to the list of personal identifying information that a person may use to commit identity fraud.

HB0069S01 Expungement of Records (Greenwood) clarifies how the number of class A and B misdemeanors necessary to make a person ineligible for expungement is taken into consideration.

HB0027 Threat of Terrorism Penalty Amendments (Hutchings) provides that threatening to commit an act of terrorism with the intent to cause action by an emergency agency official or volunteer is a class B misdemeanor. The threat does not change felony penalties for acts such as intimidating the public, affecting government conduct, or affecting the use of any building or public carrier.

HB0087 Attempted Aggravated Murder Amendments (Perry) provides that an attempt to commit aggravated murder that results in serious bodily injury is punishable by imprisonment for an indeterminate term of not fewer than 15 years and up to life.

HB0270S02 Prescription Drug Database Access Amendments (Menlove) allows the director of the Utah Department of Health to allow access to the controlled substance database to designated individuals conducting scientific studies regarding the use or abuse of controlled substances, if: the designee adheres to rules set by the Department of Health and federal regulations covering the use of protected health information; and the identities of prescribers, patients, and pharmacies in the database are de- identified in accordance with HIPAA rules, kept confidential, and not disclosed to the designee or individuals not associated with the scientific studies.

The senate floor, including myself, a buzz with activity


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