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Day 18: Open Adoptions

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day


Today in Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Standing Committee, we will hear the following:

SB0155 Open Adoption (Hillyard) permits a prospective adoptive parent, birth parent, or other birth relative of a prospective adoptive child to enter into an open adoption agreement; requires that an open adoption agreement be approved by the court before becoming legally enforceable; prohibits the enforcement of open adoption agreements that are not in the best interest of the child; and states that violation of an open adoption agreement is not grounds to set aside an adoption.

SB0107 Public Shooting Ranges (Christensen) grants the public access to use a public shooting range; permits a fee to be charged for the public to use a public shooting range; describes when a public shooting range can be temporarily restricted from public use during regular business hours.

HB0064 Felon’s Right to Hold Office (Moss) This bill prohibits a felon who is convicted of a sexual offense from holding the office of State Board of Education member or local school board member.

HB0282 Sexual Exploitation Amendments (Greenwood) This bill modifies the Criminal Code regarding sexual exploitation.

In Senate Business and Labor Committee, we heard:

SB 64 Homeowner Association Reserve Account Amendments (Urquhart)
This bill required a Homeowners Association to vote annually on whether to fund a reserve account, to file a certificate of compliance with the Dept. of Commerce if a reserve fund is established, and if the certificate is not filed, prevents the association from levying a special assessment. An amendment was approved that removes the filing of the certificate. Speakers from large HOA’s and an HOA attorney spoke against the bill, stating it did not give HOA’s flexibility in case of emergencies. The bill passed out of committee as amended.

SB 182S01 Storage Unit Amendments (Adams) amends procedures required for the owner of the unit to dispose of property when the renter of the unit has not paid. It changes the notification requirements to the renter and to the public when the property is to be sold. There was discussion of whether the notification changes were adequate protection of the public. The bill passed out of committee.

HB47S02, Insurance Law Amendments (Dunnigan) After the presentation of this bill, Rep. Dunnigan was asked to return to the committee with an amended bill. The issue is removing or keeping clauses that allow the insurer discretionary authority relative to coverage issues. The House prohibited these clauses, which exist in current law. Dunnigan wants to remove the prohibitions and return to the current law.

SB 67S01 Consumer Protection Revisions (Bramble) addresses fees and surcharges on credit and debit card purchases. After discussion and statements for and against by the public, the committee voted to move to the next item.

SB 179, Local Government Financial Reporting Revisions (Bramble) modifies provisions relating to local government financial reports. Passed unanimously out of committee.

Enjoyed taking Bryan Tagge’s  troop on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Capitol today with Becky Edwards.


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