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Day 22: Halfway Done

February 19, 2013

What the capitol will look like again, in the not too distant future known as spring


We got President’s Day off, and it was nice to spend some extra time with my family. Ironically, our day off marked our mid point through the 45 day session. So it’s all downhill from here I guess.

The following bills passed 3rd Reading unanimously to be sent to the house for signature:

HB 33, Expungement Process Amendments (Hutchings) Clarifies process for expunging certain offenses.

SB 50, Department of Transportation Liability Amendments (Hillyard)
Clarifies DOT liability in certain cases.

SB 44, Construction Trades Licensing Revisions (Mayne) Sets numerous licensing provisions within the construction trades.

SB 56S01, Utah 211 Referral Information Network (Weiler)
Creates the Utah 211 Referral Information Network, a social services hotline.

The following bills passed 2nd Reading to be read for the 3rd time:

SCR 5S02, Concurrent Resolution Endorsing the Utah Education Excellence Commission (Stevenson)
Expresses strong support for achieving the goal that 66% of Utah’s adults will hold a postsecondary degree or certificate by the year 2020.

SB 17S01 Account for People with Disabilities Amendments (Dayton)
Establishes protections for funds allocated to the Development Center for People with Disabilities.

SB 132S01 Utah Medical Education Council Amendments (Harper)
Moves the existing Utah Medical Education Council into the State System of Higher Education.

SB 158, Municipal General Fund Amendments (Henderson)
Amends the percentage of excess fund balance that a municipality may keep in its general fund from 18% to 25%.

SB 60, Abortion Statistics and Reporting Requirements (Dayton)
Requires the Dept. of Health to annually report the number of abortions performed in the state; and at what stage of pregnancy the abortions took place, and several other reporting requirements. A form with this data is already required by the federal government.

Today in Senate Judiciary, Law and Criminal Justice, we will discuss:

SB0183 Adoption Agency Modifications (Robles) requires the Office of Licensing to prohibit an adoption agency or an employee of an adoption agency from making a fraudulent representation or action in connection with an adoption. Such fraudulent actions would be grounds for the Office of Licensing to deny, place conditions on, suspend, or revoke the agency’s license, pursuant to Section 62A-2-112. SB 183 awards attorney fees and costs to the prevailing party in an action alleging the fraud.

SB0072 Prison Relocation and Development Amendments (Jenkins) creates the Prison Land Management Authority to facilitate and direct the relocation of the state prison now in Draper and the development of that old prison property. It repeals the Prison Relocation and Development Authority. It provides for a property tax increment to be paid to the authority to be applied to specified costs and modifies the distribution of some local option sales tax revenues. SB72 lists the sources of funding to be explored by bidders for the development. Debt issued under the Prison Land Management Authority Act would not be included as part of the total state indebtedness for purposes of a debt limitation provision.

HB0027 Threat of Terrorism Penalty Amendments (Hutchings) as amended says it is a class B misdemeanor to threaten to commit an act of terrorism with the intent to cause action by an emergency agency official or volunteer due to the person’s conduct posing a serious and substantial risk to the general public. The threat does not change felony penalties for acts such as intimidating the public, affecting government conduct, or affecting the use of any building or public carrier.

HB0301 Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Amendments (Redd) modifies the Public Safety Code regarding the Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Board by eliminating the requirement for specific members of the board to make a quorum.

On the senate floor we welcomed 2013 Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year


Here is the agenda for today’s Senate Business and Labor:

HB0047S02 Insurance Law Amendments ( Dunnigan) modifies the Insurance Code, regarding coordination with other states, titled and escrow examination rules, the cap on appropriations from the Captive Insurance Restricted Account, closing or settlement protections, restrictions on foreign title insurers, company action level events, prohibition of discretionary clauses, producer’s duties related to replacement of life insurance, and death pending conversion of group life insurance policy.

SB0189 Oncology Insurance Amendments (Bramble) amends Part 6, Accident and Health Insurance, in Chapter 22, Contracts in Specific Lines, of the Insurance Code. It says that that if a health insurer covers both oral chemotherapy and intravenous chemotherapy, the insurer may not impose more restrictive cost sharing and treatment limits on the oral chemotherapy than those imposed on the intravenous chemotherapy.

SB0067S02 Consumer Protection Revisions (Bramble) prohibits sellers from imposing a surcharge on a transaction for $10,000 or less that is paid for with a credit card.

SB0187 Food Handler Licensing Amendments (Bramble) prohibits a person from acting as a food handler for a food service establishment unless the person successfully completes an approved food handler training program and holds a valid permit. The Department of Health and Utah Association of Local Health Departments would develop and approve the training program.

SB0143 Mortgage and Financial Affairs Amendments (Harper) amends requirements for communications between lenders and mortgage holders.

SB0173 Residential Construction Contract Amendments (Adams) allows a person, under certain conditions, to cancel a contract for repair work if the contract is to be paid with proceeds of a property and casualty insurance policy.

SB0059 Workers’ Compensation Coordination of Benefits Amendments (Mayne) requires a health insurance plan to pay for medical benefits otherwise covered by the health plan if an application for hearing is filed with the Labor Commission and while a workers’ compensation claim is being adjudicated.

SB0021 Unincorporated Business Entities (Hillyard) modifies Title 48, Partnership, to enact a new Unincorporated Business Entity Act, and modifies references to partnership or unincorporated business entities provisions throughout the Utah Code.

HB0101 Homeowners Association Amendments (Stanard) clarifies an association of unit owners’ right to attach and enforce liens following a period of noncompliance with registration requirements described in this bill.

HJR004 Joint Resolution on Remote Sales (Eliason) This joint resolution of the Legislature urges Congress to enact legislation to authorize states, consistent with this resolution and principles of taxation espoused by national associations of legislators and governors, and subject to the enactment of any necessary state laws, to establish true fairness in state tax collection for both retailers having physical presence in a state and retailers who sell online.

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