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Day 23: Orrin Hatch

February 20, 2013

Senator Orrin Hatch addressed the Senate today regarding sequestration and immigration reform.


Here he is with a group of citizens I hosted:


On the Senate floor, we passed a number of bills:

HB 252, Native American Related Amendments (Draxler) Addresses meetings of Indian Tribal Nation representatives and Native American Indian related committees

HB 69S02 Expungement of Records (Greenwood) Technical corrections regarding the release of information regarding expungements.

HB 27S02 Threat of Terrorism Penalty Amendments (Hutchings) Provides that threatening to commit an act of terrorism with the intent to cause action by an official or volunteer of any emergency agency is a class B misdemeanor.

HB 90 Fishing License Waiver Amendments (Rebecca Chavez-Houck) Waivers grades K-9 if with a school or youth organization.

HB 60 Utility Facility Siting (Sagers) Modifies time periods and deadlines for the Utiity Facility Review Board.

HCR1 Concurrent Resolution Urging Use of Advance Signal Warning (Draxler) Encourages Utah’s highway authorities to install advance warning signs at appropriate intersections.

SB178 Department of Transportation Revisions (Van Tassel) Revises method for appointing the chief executive director of the department.

SCR5S02 Concurrent Resolution Endorsing the Utah Education Excellence Commission Expresses strong support for achieving the goal that 66% of Utah’s adults will hold a postsecondary degree or certificate by the year 2020.

HB 23 High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Amendments (Handy) Authorizes the DOT to limit the number of clean fuel decals for HOV lanes.

SB 17S01 Account for People with Disabilities Amendments (Dayton) Establishes protections for funds allocated to the Development Center for People with Disabilities

SB132 S02 Utah Medical Education Council Amendments (Harper) Amended to include registered nursing programs. Moves the existing Utah Medical Education Council into the State System of Higher Education.

HB 33 Expungement Process Amendments (Hutchings) Clarifies process for expunging certain offenses.

HB 281 Health Discount Program Revisions (Dunnigan) Amends the definitions and license renewal provisions of the Health Discount Program Consumer Protection Act

SB 158, Municipal General Fund Amendments (Henderson) Amends the percentage of excess fund balance that a municipality may keep in its general fund from 18% to 25%. Passed with 27 Yes votes.

SB 60, Abortion Statistics and Reporting Requirements (Dayton) Requires the Dept. of Health to annually report the number of abortions performed in the state; and at what stage of pregnancy the abortions took place, and several other reporting requirements. Passed with 23 Yes votes.

The following bills passed 2nd Reading:

HB 73 Water Easement Amendments (Mathis) Establishes a procedure for the holder of a prescriptive easement for a water conveyance to abandon all or part of the prescriptive easement.

HB 250 Sunset Reauthorization-Energy Producer States Agreement (Barrus) Reauthorizes and funds participation in the Energy Producer States Agreement.

HB 289 Fireworks Amendments (Dunnigan) Clarifies Authority to prohibit discharge of fireworks in specified areas.

In Senate Business and Labor, we heard the following:

SB0173 Residential Construction Contract Amendments (Adams) allows a person, under certain conditions, to cancel a contract for repair work if the contract is to be paid with proceeds of a property and casualty insurance policy.

SB0059S01 Workers’ Compensation Coordination of Benefits Amendments (K. Mayne) amends the Insurance Code and the Utah Labor Code regarding payment of medical claims when an employee is injured.

SB0201 Public Use Trails Amendments (Bramble) authorizing the use of eminent domain for certain trails, paths, or walkways if the trail, path, or walkway is located within the boundaries of a first or second class city; or the utility service area of a first or second class city; and included in a plan of a state agency; or a regional transportation plan adopted by a metropolitan planning organization.

SB0186 Insurance Transactions Amendments (Robles) permits insurers to conduct transactions in a language other than English under certain circumstances; permits insurers to provide certain documents in a language other than English; provides that the English version of insurance coverage governs if there is a complaint or dispute; and provides for non-English information to be considered compliance with the title.

SB0099 Labor Amendments (Harper) modifies the Utah Labor Code to address procedures followed by the Labor Commission and persons subject to the jurisdiction of the Labor Commission. It eliminates the commissioner’s role in hearing motions for review; addresses the payment of attorney fees; imposes time frames for decisions of administrative law judges and the Appeals Board; requires rulemaking to facilitate timely completion of certain administrative actions; and requires monitoring and reporting regarding the time it takes to complete a workers’ compensation related administrative hearing.

In the House, the following gun bills passed out of committee:

HB0076 Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments (Mathis, J.) – This bill would eliminate the need for concealed carry permits unless the carrying is on to the campus of a school. This bill allows anyone who is 21 years of age or older and who is not otherwise restricted to lawfully possess a dangerous weapon, concealed or displayed openly. This bill passed out of the House Judiciary Committee with a vote of 7 yeas, 2 nays.

HB0114S01 Second Amendment Preservation Act (Greene, B.) -The primary thrust of this bill is intended to assert the rights of Utah over those of the federal government as they relate to gun laws and enforcement of gun laws. There is a constitutional clause at the end of the bill that warns that this bill violates the Supremacy and Commerce Clauses of the US Constitution. This bill was held in the House Judiciary Committee to allow time to re-evaluate the constitutional clause and will be heard again in the committee on Friday.

HB0268S01 Disorderly Conduct Amendments (Ray, P.) – This bill confirms that merely displaying a dangerous weapon in public without other behavior is not disorderly conduct. This bill passed out of the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee with a vote of 7 yeas, 3 nay.


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