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Day 24: STEM

February 21, 2013

In the House today, they discussed the following:


HB0139 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Action Center (Peterson) was discussed at length in House Economic Development & Workforce Services Wednesday afternoon. This bill proposed that $10 million of the General Fund go to the Governor’s office to institute a board of business, workforce, science, and public & higher educator leaders to establish a STEM Action Center. This center would meet the needs of employment for technology businesses. And $5 million would go to USOE for granting purposes.  You can learn more about STEM at

HB0306 School Land Trust Program Amendments (Perry) proposes changes for school councils, including how to spend federal land trust monies.

Today in Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, we were scheduled to discuss:

SB0072S01 Prison Relocation and Development Amendments (Jenkins) creates the Prison Land Management Authority to facilitate and direct relocation of the state prison and development of the old prison property. It establishes the powers and duties of the authority; provides for a board to exercise the powers of the authority, and provides for board membership, appointment, duties, and powers. It repeals provisions relating to the current Prison Relocation and Development Authority. The bill includes a process for issuing a request for proposals on a project to build a new prison, to redevelop the old prison property, or both, and for Authority evaluation of bids and recommendation of a bid to the Legislature and governor. It also provides a process for the authority to manage development of the old prison property. A property tax increment would be paid to the authority to be applied to specified costs, and the distribution of some local option sales tax revenues would be modified. Debt issued under the Prison Land Management Authority Act would not be included as part of the total state indebtedness for purposes of a debt limitation provision.

SB0204 Judiciary Amendments (L. Hillyard) makes amendments related to the judiciary, addressing penalties for driving a vehicle without registration or certificate of title; the Children’s Legal Defense Account; the role of the Judicial Council in determining reasonable compensation for an attorney in the administration and probate of wills; and the roles of the prosecuting attorney in expungement cases. It prohibits a magistrate from conducting an initial appearance in a felony; and makes changes regarding judgment awarded and fees and collection costs for the state or state agencies in justice courts.

Elizabeth and I enjoyed dinner with the entire Senate and our staff as part of the annual President’s Dinner.


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