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Day 31: License Plate Scanners

February 27, 2013

Today I passed one of my top priority bills out if committee.


SB 196 License Plate Reader Amendments (Weiler) This bill addresses the data captured and saved when an automatic license plate reader system is used. Currently both law enforcement and private entities (owners of apartment houses, parking lots, etc.) use these readers with no limits on the data. The bill provides that captured plate data is a protected record under the Government Records Access and Management Act and provides that captured plate data may only be shared for specified purposes, may only be preserved for a certain time, and may only be disclosed pursuant to a disclosure order or a warrant, among other restrictions. The bill was amended in committee to change the length of storage to 7 days for private entities and 9 months for public entities. Both the Eagle Forum and the ACLU spoke in favor, although both thought the storage time allowed was too long. Passed unanimously out of committee.

The following bills were passed on the Senate floor:

SB 172 Use of Bond Proceeds by Political Subdivisions (Valentine) Allows bond proceeds to be used for only one year of operations and prohibits capitalization of interest for more than five years.

SB 39 Parental Responsibility for Sex Education Training (Reid) Requires the State Board of Education to develop and offer training to parents with information on health education and human sexuality.

SB 175 Assessment of College Readiness (Stephenson) Modifies provisions regarding the assessment of high school students’ college readiness.

SB 105 Board of Pardons and Parole Revisions (Thatcher) Modifies the Utah Criminal Code regarding threatening or assaulting a judge or a member of the Board of Pardons and Parole or their families.

SB 170 Identity Fraud Amendments (Thatcher) Adds “photograph or realistic likeness…”

SB 63 Transportation Planning and Funding Task Force (Harper) Creates the Task Force and requires the task force to study transportation planning, operations, maintenance, and funding needs.

SB 180 Public Utilities Amendments (Van Tassel) Enacts language related to the service territory of an electrical corporation and municipality.

SB 68S01 State Surplus Property Program Amendments (Weiler) Enables privatization of the Surplus Property Service. Has a positive Fiscal Note.

SJR 11 Joint Resolution on Environmental and Developmental Policies (Weiler) Rejects United Nations Agenda 21, both its intent and its potential for abuse; urges Utah’s state agencies and political subdivisions to not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process.

SB 58S02 Amendments to Sales and Use Tax (Harper) Addresses the disposition of sales and use tax revenue from remote collections if a federal law is passed to that effect. The main issue is “earmarking” the money.

SB 171 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Electronic Financial Payment Services (Stephenson) Provides an incentive for these businesses which add to the economy without impact to schools, etc.

SB 104S02 Vulnerable Users of Highways Amendments (Weiler) Vulnerable Users include bicyclists, tractors, wheelchairs, mopeds, skateboards, etc. The bill provides penalties for acts such as knowingly, intentionally or recklessly forcing these users off the highway, distracting them, or otherwise endangering them.

HB47S03 Insurance Law Amendments (Dunnigan) Numerous modifications to the Insurance Code.

HB290S02 Division of Real Estate Amendments (Froerer) Regulation of real estate licenses.

HB 285 Modification of Education-Related Reporting Requirements (Gibson) Eliminates requirements to submit certain reports to the Education Interim Committee, the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee, and the governor.

HCR 4 Concurrent Resolution on Utah Wildfires (Briscoe) Expresses appreciation to individuals from state, federal, and local agencies, and volunteers, for helping to combat the state’s many wildfires during the 2012 fire season.

HB 284 Net Metering Billing Cycles (Stratton) Allows choice of billing cycles.

HB 295 Electronic Proof of Owner’s or Operator’s Security (Brown) Provides that a person may provide evidence of owner’s or operator’s security (e.g., insurance) to a peace officer in a hard copy format or in an electronic format using a mobile electronic device.

HB 82 Elections and Early Voting During a Declared Emergency (Chavez-Houck) Authorizes the lieutenant governor to designate a different method, time, or location relating to voting, early voting, or canvassing an election during a declared emergency.

HB 276 Newborn Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects (Ray) Requires pulse oximetry screening for newborns. Sen. Shiozawa said that “we don’t need a law for what is good practice.” Passed with 18 Y, 8 N, 3A.

HB 64 Felon’s Right to Hold Office (Moss) Prohibits an individual who is convicted of certain sexual offenses from holding the office of State Board of Education member or local school board member.


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