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Day 32: Another Ethics Bill

February 28, 2013

Today I will a present another ethics bill for the first time in committee:

SB0241 Disclosure Requirements for Midterm Vacancy Candidates (Weiler) requires a political party to forward the name of a candidate for a midterm vacancy appointment to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor; amends the definitions of “legislative office candidate” and “state office candidate”; enacts provisions requiring a state office candidate for a midterm vacancy appointment to file an interim report; enacts provisions requiring a legislative office candidate for a midterm vacancy appointment to file an interim report. Update: this bill passed out unanimously.

Yesterday, we honored Dan Jones for his decades of teaching politics at the U:


In the Senate floor today, we passed the following bills:

SCR9 Concurrent Resolution Designating a Week to Recognize Workplace Safety (Mayne) Designates week of June 23-29, 2013.

HB 220S01 Repeal of State Auditor Related Provisions (Knotwell) Changes authority or duties of the State Auditor.

SCR 7 Concurrent Resolution to Reduce Utah’s Dependence on Federal Funds (Osmond) Supports a risk management process to assess the risks from any reductions of federal funds to the state of Utah.

HB 95 Amortization Rate Contribution for Reemployed Retirees Revisions (Sagers) Clarifies that a participating employer is only required to make the amortization rate contributions for certain reemployed retirees.

HB 303 Trust Deed Assignment Amendments (Webb) Creates and approves recording of a notice of assignment of a beneficial interest under a trust deed.

HB47S03 Insurance Law Amendments (Dunnigan) Numerous modifications to the Insurance Code.

HB290S02 Division of Real Estate Amendments (Froerer) Regulation of real estate licenses.

HB 285 Modification of Education-Related Reporting Requirements (Gibson) Eliminates requirements to submit certain reports to the Education Interim Committee, the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee, and the governor.

SB 155S01 Post Adoption Contact Agreements (Hillyard) Permits postadoption contact agreements between prospective adoptive parents and birth parents or other birth relatives of a prospective adoptive child in the custody of the Division of Child and Family Services. Does not affect other adoptions.

HB 284 Net Metering Billing Cycles (Stratton) Allows choice of billing cycles.

SB 65S02 Election Code-Financial Reporting Amendments (Valentine) Places candidates and organizations such as PACs and PICs on same reporting cycles and imposes $100 fine for violation.

HB 295 Electronic Proof of Owner’s or Operator’s Security (Brown) Provides that a person may provide evidence of owner’s or operator’s security (e.g., insurance) to a peace officer in a hard copy format or in an electronic format using a mobile electronic device.

HB 82S01 Elections and Early Voting During a Declared Emergency (Chavez-Houck) Authorizes the lieutenant governor to designate a different method, time, or location relating to voting, early voting, or canvassing an election during a declared emergency.

HB 40 Scheduling of Special Elections (Powell) Amends the dates on which the governor, Legislature, or the legislative body of a local political subdivision may schedule statewide or local special elections. Aligns with primaries or state and national elections.

HB 64 Felon’s Right to Hold Office (Moss) Prohibits an individual who is convicted of certain sexual offenses from holding the office of State Board of Education member or local school board member.

HB 282 Sexual Exploitation Amendments (Greenwood) Modifies a definition in Title 76, Chapter 5b, Sexual Exploitation Act, to provide consistency (child pornography); defines parts of the body that are lascivious.

HJR 4S01 Joint Resolution on Remote Sales (Eliason) Urges the United States Congress to pass S. 336 and H.R. 684, The Marketplace Fairness Act, allowing states to collect remote sales taxes.

HB 44S01 Election Polling Requires the disclosure of the person who pays for a poll regarding a candidate or ballot proposition and imposes a fine for violation.

SB 190 S01 Procurement Revisions (Jenkins) Numerous changes to the Procurement Code.

HB 279 Administrative hearings by Counties (Cox) Authorizes a county to adopt an ordinance establishing an administrative hearing process and impose civil and criminal penalties. Money would go to the counties.

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