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Day 42: The Last Monday

March 12, 2013

Today was the last day for the Senate to pass Senate bills, and the lady day for the House to pass House bills.


The following bills died on the Senate floor today:

SB 85 Community Health Worker Program (Robles)
Failed with 13 Y, 15 N, 1 A.

SB 110S01 School-based Budgeting Amendments (Stephenson)
Failed with 12 Y, 16 N, 1 A.

And these two were deep-sixed by their sponsors:

SJR 5 Joint Resolution on State Superintendent of Public Instruction (Reid). This bill sought to change the state Constitution to give the governor and Senate approval power over the appointment of the state superintendent. The sponsor said he wanted to see the issue discussed over the next year by a task force to be created under SB169.

SB 265 Referendum Amendments (Valentine)

In the House, the following bills of interest were passed and sent to the Senate:

H.B. 391 2nd Substitute Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion (Anderegg, J.) Rep. Kennedy suggesting that medical missions are the answer to accountable charity care. Rep. Anderegg tearfully quoted scripture in his closing. The bill passed with a vote of 46 yeas, 27 yeas and 2 absent. Party leaders were limited to only two speakers per party on the bill.

SB169: Education Task Force (Reid). This bill would create a $64,000 education task force with the goal of crafting an overall plan for how to improve education.

The following bills passed on the Senate’s consent calendar:

HB 336S01 Amendments to Economic Development (Wilcox)

HB111S02 Eminent Domain Amendments (Perry)


The following bills passed the Senate unanimously on Monday:

SB 229S01 Appellate Bond for State Entities (Bramble)

SJR 14S01 Joint Resolution Amending Civil Procedure Rule 62 (Bramble)

SB 196S02 License Plate Reader Amendments (Weiler)

SB 183S02 Adoption Agency Modifications (Robles)

SB 236 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Amendments

SB 151 Authorization of Charter School by Higher Education Institutions (Adams)

HB 306 School Land Trust Program Amendments (Perry)

SB 77S02 Availability of Government Information (Henderson)

SB 241 Disclosure Requirements for Midterm Vacancy Candidates (Weiler)

SB 238S01 Property Tax Amendments (Bramble)

SB 239 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Sampling Amendments (Valentine)

SB 182S02 Storage Unit Amendments (Adams)

SB 247S01 Amendments to Revenue and Taxation (Harper)

SJR 3S01 Joint rules Resolution on requests for Legislation (Osmond)

SB 244S01 Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Amendments (Hinkins)

SB 254 Penalty for Well Drilling without a License (Harper)

SB 255 Human Services Amendments (Harper)

SB 181S01 Political Subdivision Property Amendments (Harper)

HB 279 Administrative Hearings by Counties (Cox)

SB 277S01 Green River Energy Zone (Hinkins)

SB 278S01 Capital Improvement Amendments (Harper)

SB 90S01 Condominium and Community Association Amendments (Adams)

SB 106S03 Medicaid Inspector General Amendments (Bramble)

SN 269S01 Property Tax Revisions (Valentine)

SB 263 Child care Costs Amendments (Weiler)

SB 282 Adoption Notification Requirements (Robles)

SB 281 Debt Collection Information Amendments (Bramble)

SB 275 Energy Amendments (Adams)

SB 276 Water Conservancy District Capital Assets (Valentine)

SB 250S01 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Sales of a Fuel Cell

SB 246 Volunteer Workers Amendments (Jenkins)

SB 211S01 Redevelopment Agency Amendments (Stevenson)

SB 249S01 Salvage and Nonrepairable Vehicle Amendments (Urquhart)

SB 283 Availability of Public Information Amendments (Henderson)

SB 285 Involuntary Civil Commitment Information Amendments (Thatcher)

SB 279 Math Literacy STEM Initiative (Urquhart)

SB 95S02 Whistleblower Amendments (Reid)

SCR 12 Children’s and Families’ Cancer Research Facility Concurrent Resolution

SB 219S02 Payment of Insurance Proceeds (Urquhart)

SB 284S01 Educational Technology Amendments (Stevenson)

The following bills passed with some Nay votes:

SB 248 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and Small Manufacturers (Valentine) Passed with 25 Y, 3 N, 1 A.

SB 107S02 Public Shooting Ranges (Christensen) Passed with 27 Y, 1 N (Davis), 1 A.

SB 257 Personalized Educator Evaluation Technology (Adams) Passed with 18 Y, 8 N, 3 A.

SB 232 Adoption Code Revisions (Weiler) Passed with 25 Y, 2 N (Madsen, Robles), 2 A.

SB 86 Independent Executive Branch Ethics Commission (Valentine) Passed with 25 Y, 1 N Dabakis), 3 A.

SB 260S01 Reading Assessment Amendments (Urquhart) Passed with 19 Y, 8 N, 2 A.

HB 131S01 Constitutional and Federalism Defense Act (Ivory) Passed with 25 Y, 1 N (Dabakis), 3A.

SB 261 Amendments Related to Alcoholic Beverage Control (Valentine)
Passed with 24 Y, 1 N (Dabakis), 4 A.

SB 78 Pharmacy Act Amendments (Adams) Passed with 27 Y, 1 N (Davis), 1A.

HB 279 (Vickers) Administrative Hearings by Counties. Passed with 24 Y, 1 N (Valentine), 4 A

SB 272S01 Public School Funding Amendments (Bramble) Passed with 26 Y, 2 N (Dabakis, Hinkins), 1 A.

SB 209 Grants for Personal Mobile Learning Devices (Osmond) Passed with 22 Y, 4 N (Hinkins, Urquhart, Van Tassel, Vickers), 3 A

SB 187S02 Food Handler Licensing Amendments (Bramble) Passed with 24 Y, 5N.

SB 271 School Grading Amendments (Adams) Passed with 16 Y, 10 N, 3 A

SB 267 New Convention Hotel Development Incentive Act (Adams) Passed with 15 Y, 13 N, 1 A.

SB 82S01 Student Achievement Backpack (Stevenson) Passed with 18 Y, 10 N, 1A.

SB 81 School Property Tax Funding (Osmond) Passed with 16 Y, 9 N, 1 A.

SB 79 Student Centered Learning Pilot Program (Stephenson) Passed with 17 Y, 9 N, 3 A.

HB 377S01 Transportation Funding Modifications (Dee) Passed with 18 Y, 9 N, 2A.

SB 212 Judicial Code Amendments (Okerlund) Passed with 26 Y, 1 N, 2 A

Three days to go!


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