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Day 43: The Last Tuesday

March 13, 2013


Today we had three sessions on the floor. Three-a-days.

Here are some bills of interest heard in the House:

SB 228 Penalties for Specified Juvenile Offenses (Shiozawa) says that for defendants under 18, aggravated murder is not a capital felony and the penalty of life without parole may not be applied.

1SB 83 Limitations on Outside Employment by Government Employees (Weiler) prohibits by an employee who is under the direction or control of an executive branch elected official: outside employment that is a conflict of interest, interferes with the employee’s job responsibilities, or provides political services, political consultation or lobbying.


SB 259 Amendments to Disability Waiting List (Christensen) – Beginning July 1, 2013, the Division of Services for People With Disabilities must spend: (1) 85% of new appropriations to serve individuals based on the severity of their disability, urgency of their need, ability of a parent or guardian to provide the person with disability with adequate care and supervision, and length of time waiting for services; and (2)15% of new appropriations for respite care.

SB 283 Availability of Public Information Amendments (Henderson) moves the Utah Transparency Advisory Board from the Division of Finance to the Department of Administrative Services and modifies the board’s membership. It also expands the duties of the board to include responsibility for developing recommendations for making public information more accessible through a website.

1SB 112 Work Week Amendments (Osmond) allows a state agency to provide a service online or by telephone; reduces the hours per day a state agency is required to provide a service; repeals the requirement to have at least one physical location in operation Monday through Friday.

SB 60 Abortion Statistics and Reporting Requirements (Dayton) requires the Department of Health to prepare an annual report for the Health and Human Services Interim Committee, including information on the number of abortions performed in the state, and at what stage of pregnancy the abortions took place; adding: the reported reason, if any, why the patient sought the abortion; and the race and ethnicity of the women on whom the abortions were performed.

1SJR 3 Joint Rules Resolution on Requests for Legislation (Osmond) Legislators who wish to introduce a bill or resolution shall provide specific or conceptual information concerning the change or addition to law or policy that the legislator intends the proposed legislation to make; identify the specific situation or concern that the legislator intends the legislation to address; or identify the general subject area within which the proposed legislation is likely to fall.

Here are some bills of interest considered by the Senate:

HB50 Dating Violence Protection Act (Seelig) passed the senate this evening. This is a bill that the League has been following and supporting since it was introduced in interim. The final vote was 24 Ayes and 4 Nays.

HB 168 Air Quality Mitigation by Government Entities (Arent) requires government agencies or school districts to report on air quality mitigation efforts currently being used; and develop and report on a plan to mitigate the emission of air pollutants.

1HB 134 Parental Notification Related to Student Safety (Froerer) Requires schools to notify parents about safety threats to the parent’s student. Those threats include a student’s threat to commit suicide; or incidents of bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, hazing, or retaliation. The school would have to produce and maintain a record verifying that it had notified the parent about those incidents or threats.

HB 103 Wireless Telephone Use Restrictions (Perry) prohibits a person younger than 18 from using a wireless telephone to communicate with another person while operating a motor vehicle except (a) during a medical emergency; (b) when reporting a safety hazard or requesting assistance relating to a safety hazard; (c) when reporting a criminal activity or requesting assistance relating to a criminal activity; or (d) when communicating with a parent or legal guardian. Violators would be guilty of an infraction and fined $50 but no points would be assessed against their driving records. THIS BILL FAILED ON THE SENATE FLOOR.

HB 76 Substitute Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments passed out favorably on the 2nd reading calendar from the Senate today. This bill would allow any Utah citizen over 21 to carry a weapon either openly or concealed without being required to obtain a permit. This bill does not change the current law regarding an openly carried weapon. While concealed carry permits would still be available, this bill would not long make them required for carrying weapons that are concealed.

The following bills passed on the Senate’s consent or concurrence calendar:

HB 102S01 Arson Penalties Amendments (Wiley)

HB 326 Division of Water Rights Amendment (Webb)

HB 333S01 State Lands Amendments (Menlove)

HB 144S01 Public Transit District Board Amendments (Nelson)

HB 320 Temporary Identification Card (Hutchings)

SB 20 State Security Standards for Personal Information

SB 64S01 Homeowner Association Reserve Account Amendments (Urquhart)

SB 59S02 Workers Compensation Coordination of Benefits (Mayne)

SCR 5S03 Concurrent Resolution Expressing Support for Achieving 66% by 2020 Goal (Stevenson)

SB 83S01 Limitations on Outside Employment by Government Employee (Weiler)

SB 259 Amendments to Disability Waiting List (Christensen)

SB 60 Abortion Statistics and Reporting Requirements (Dayton)

SB 190S03 Procurement Revisions (Jenkins)

SB 112S03 Work Week Amendments (Osmond)

The following bills passed the Senate on Tuesday:

HB 310 Construction Code Amendments (Wilson)

SB 4 Current School Year Public Education Budget Amendments (Hillyard)

SB 7 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations (Hillyard)

SB 2 New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act (Hillyard)

HB 10S01 Sex Offense Amendments (Greenwood)

HB 30 Line-of-Duty Death and Disability Amendments (Menlove)

HB 81 Cytomegalovirus Public Health Initiative (Menlove)

HB 105 Serious Youth Offender Amendments (Snow)

HB 49S01 Voted and Board Levy Programs Amendments (Handy)

SB 212 Judicial Code Amendments (Okerlund)

HB 147 Utah Marriage Commission (Christensen)

HB 154 Suicide Prevention Programs (Eliason)

HB 276 Newborn Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects (Ray)

HB 118S02 Automatic External Defibrillator Restricted Account (Cunningham)

HB 43S01 Campaign Finance Reporting by Corporations (Hughes)

HB 96 S02 Cleaner Burning Fuels Tax Credits Amendments and Related Funding (Draxler)


The following bills passed the Senate’s 2nd reading, but will be voted on again:

HB 141 Medicaid Emergency Room and Primary Care Amendments (Kennedy)

HB 146 Health Care Provider Amendments (Gibson)

HB 163 Human Trafficking Amendments (Seelig)

HB 152S01 Parent-time Restriction Amendments (Hall)

HB 166 Water Rights Amendments (Ivory)

HB 316 Traffic Amendments (Anderson)

HB 120S02 Information on Pharmaceutical Products (Ray)

HB 168 Air Quality Mitigation by Government Entities (Arent)

HB 347 Landowner Amendments (Wilson)

HB 127S01 Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders (Lifferth)

HB 327 Probate Amendments (Snow)

HB 385S01 Duties and Withdrawal of Trustee (Snow)

HB 140S01 Consumer-focused Health Delivery and Payment Demonstration Project (Barlow)

HCR 9 Concurrent Resolution Honoring the Community Covenant Program (Eliason)

HB 237 Surety Bond Penalty (Greenwood)

HB 222S01 Domestic Asset Protection Trust Amendments (Brown)

HB 124S01 Radiation Control Amendments (Dee)

HB 324S01 Passing on the Right Amendments (Christensen)

HB 318S01 Classroom Size Revisions (Edwards)

HB 228S03 Alcoholic Beverage Control Amendments (Wilcox). This bill would have removed the requirement for “Zion’s Curtain”, but was completed substituted and replaced by Senator Valentine.

HB 66S05 Political Subdivision Amendments (Webb)

HB 76S01 Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments (Mathis)
Passed with 19 Y, 6N, 4A.

HB 192 County Clerk Misconduct Penalty (Layton)
Passed with 25 Y, 1 N(Dabakis), 3 A

HB 155 Federal Law Enforcement Amendments (Noel)
Passed with 23 Y, 2 N (Dabakis, Jones), 4 A

HJR 15 Joint Resolution on State and Political Subdivisions Jurisdiction (Roberts)

HB 164S01 State and Political Subdivision Jurisdictional Amendments (Roberts)
Passed with 21 Y, 5 N, 3 A.

HB 134S01 Parental Notification Related to Student Safety (Froerer)

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