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Day 44: Next to Last

March 13, 2013


Where has the time gone? Today is the next to last day of the 2013 General Session. Here’s what to watch for:

In the House:

4SB 72 Prison Relocation and Development Amendments (Jenkins) This fourth substitute bill modifies the duties and responsibilities of the current Prison Relocation and Development Authority and establishes its authority to request proposals for a new prison development project or former prison land development project or master development project. The Authority would evaluate proposals and make a recommendation to the Legislature and the Governor.

SB 169 Education Task Force (Reid) creates a task force made up of 14 legislators to review and make recommendations on public education issues including alignment of public and higher education and the College of Applied Technology with economic goals and workforce needs; long term priorities and budgeting and setting standards to be economically competitive in the United States and the world.

SB0103 Carson Smith Scholarship Amendments (Adams) modifies the Carson Smith Scholarships for Students with Special Needs Act by establishing a formula for an annual automatic increase in appropriations for scholarship payments. It requires the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee to study the requirement to annually increase appropriations for scholarship payments if the percentage of scholarship students equals or exceeds 7% of public school students statewide in grades K-12 who have an IEP.

1SJR 3 Joint Rules Resolution on Requests for Legislation (Osmond) says legislators who want to introduce a bill or resolution must provide specific or conceptual information concerning the change or addition to law or policy that the legislator intends the proposed legislation to make; identify the specific situation or concern that the legislator intends the legislation to address; or identify the general subject area within which the proposed legislation is likely to fall.

SB 86 Independent Executive Branch Ethics Commission (Valentine) sets up membership and procedures for an independent commission to deal with ethics complaints about members of the Executive Branch of Utah government. The five members of the Commission would include former elected officials or former government executive branch managers, a former judge or an attorney, and two citizen members.


HB 121 Firearms Safe Harbor (Pitcher) authorizes a cohabitant who owns a firearm (owner cohabitant) to voluntarily commit the firearm to law enforcement for 60 days if the cohabitant believes another cohabitant is an immediate threat. It requires law enforcement to confiscate a firearm that is voluntarily committed if it is illegal, authorizes law enforcement to dispose of it if the owner cohabitant does not claim it, and allows law enforcement to return the firearm to a person other than the owner cohabitant who claims ownership.

2HB 91 Voter Registration – Election Day Voter Registration (Chavez-Houck) permits a person to register to vote on Election Day if: the person is otherwise eligible to vote; the ballot that the person votes is identical to the ballot for the precinct in which the person resides; the information on the ballot is complete; and the person provides valid voter identification and proof of residence to the poll worker.


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