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Day 45: The End

March 14, 2013

Yesterday was probably my most interesting day in the Utah Legislature. In addition to getting my own favorite bills passed through the House, I took on the task of rewriting several House bills that came to the Senate to fix what I perceived as major flaws. One of them was a rather high profile matter, as you can see here:

On of my constituents, Scott Montgomery, joined me on the Senate floor on the last night:


The Senate Government Operations committee will hold a special meeting to consider matters of an urgent nature:

SB0289 Election Offense Amendments (Knudsen) provides that, if a registered voter files a petition alleging that the attorney general violated a provision of the Election Code, and the lieutenant governor determines that the attorney general has a conflict of interest in relation to the petition, the lieutenant governor shall appoint special counsel to investigate and determine whether a violation occurred, and to bring a proceeding if a proceeding is warranted.

Some of the other bills of interest on the docket today are:

SB 86 Independent Executive Branch Ethics Commission (Valentine) sets up membership and procedures for an independent commission to deal with ethics complaints about members of the Executive Branch of Utah government. The five members of the Commission would include former elected officials or former government executive branch managers, a former judge or an attorney, and two citizen members.

2SB 65 Election Code – Financial Reporting Requirement Amendments (Valentine) requires state office, legislative office, and school board office holders to file interim campaign financial reports. It requires political action committees and political issues committees to file interim financial reports seven days before the state political convention of each major political party, increases reporting times for corporations, and provides for a fine and criminal action against a person who violates certain provisions of this bill. It decreases, from 14 days to seven days after receiving notice from the lieutenant governor, the time within which reporting individuals or entities must file or amend a summary report before penalties are imposed. The lieutenant governor would impose a fine on individuals or entities that fail to file or amend a summary report within seven days after the day on which they receive notice.

SB 225 Immigration Trigger Dates (Bramble) extends the program start date under the Utah Immigration Accountability and Enforcement Act and extends the dates for the Utah Pilot Sponsored Resident Immigrant Program Act. The activation date would be July 1, 2015 instead of July 1, 2013. These programs allow resident immigrants to live, work, and study in Utah, as long as they don’t travel outside the state. But they require permission from the federal government, and the hope is that more comprehensive federal immigration reform laws may come out of Washington this year.

SB0235 Interstate Mining Compact (Hinkins) enacts Title 40, Chapter 9, Interstate Mining Compact. It proposes that mining states get together to advance the protection and restoration of land, water and other resources affected by mining and to assist in reduction or elimination or counteracting of pollution or deterioration of land, water and air attributable to mining.

HB0150 Animal Shelter Amendments (Romero) prohibits, with certain exceptions regarding safety and unacceptable levels of stress, an animal shelter from using carbon monoxide gas to euthanize an animal. Animal shelters could use certain methods approved for that purpose by the most current version of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Guidelines to euthanize an animal. HB 150 requires an animal shelter to adopt a euthanization policy and training program.

HB0170 Deoxyribonucleic Acid Collection and Retention Amendments (S. Eliason) modifies the Public Safety Code regarding the collection of DNA from offenders. It adds specified felony offenses to the list of felonies for which the state collects DNA from an offender at the time of booking.

2HB 91 Voter Registration – Election Day Voter Registration (R. Chavez-Houck) permits a person to register to vote on Election Day if: the person is otherwise eligible to vote; the ballot that the person votes is identical to the ballot for the precinct in which the person resides; the information on the ballot is complete; and the person provides valid voter identification and proof of residence to the poll worker. Passed 2nd 18-10. Some amendments may be proposed on 3rd.


  1. Jeff permalink

    Senator, would you kindly take the time detail for us why you voted against HB91 in both of its iterations?

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