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The Rules Get Suspended During The Last Week Of The Session

March 25, 2013


The final week of the legislative session is different. No committee hearings. Floor time all day. Rules regarding which bills can be heard on certain days. It bears little resemblance to the previous six weeks.

Normally, a bill will be heard and passed by a committee in both chambers: the House and the Senate. (But not always in that order.) This would mean that a house bill will pass a House committee, then the House floor, then a Senate committee, then the Senate floor.

Most of the bills passed by the Legislature follow the normal process. But during this last week, the rules are suspended and bills can be considered after having only one committee hearing — in only the chamber where the buill emereged. It will not have a committee hearing in the second chamber.

After the end of the sixth week, no more committee hearings are held. During the last three days of the session, the House considers only Senate bills and the Senate considers only House bills. The House dictates which House bills the Senate will consider, and the Senate dictates which Senate bills the House will consider.

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