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HB 43 Brings Greater Transparency

April 2, 2013


Election reform is an important issue. HB 43 will provide greater transparency of corporate donations as their funds move through the political process.

Right now, Utah law requires that if an individual donates to a campaign, the campaign must disclose who the donor is and how much was donated. If someone donates to a Political Action Committee or a Political Interest Committee who in turn donate to a candidate or lobby for or against an issue, those PACs and PICs must also disclose their donors and the amounts donated.

But, corporations who make donations to political campaigns or lobby for or against an issue are not under the same requirements to disclose their donors. Sometimes donors do not even know that their contributions will be used for political contributions. HB 43 changes the law so if a corporation makes a political donation of $750 or more, then it must disclose all donors and donation amounts. The bill also requires corporations to notify donors that their donations may be used for political campaigning and that the corporation may disclose their donor lists the same way other entities in the state are required to do.

Corporations should be required to disclose donors just as other entities do; HB 43 adds an additional level of transparency to campaigns in Utah.


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