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Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Count My Vote (CMV)

February 22, 2014


Count My Vote (CMV) wants you to believe that they are a grass roots effort to improve our election process in Utah.

But … There’s a lot more to the story. Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about CMV :

1. The man (men) behind the curtain.

Who are these mysterious people who wrote the 22-page petition and have raised almost a million dollars to get it on the ballot? The answer? Mike Leavitt, Kirk Jowers, Rich McKeown and LaVarr Webb. Google these names with “Utah” if you don’t recognize them.

Source: (“The Count My Vote group is led by former governor and Cabinet secretary Mike Leavitt; [Rich] McKeown; University of Utah political scientist Kirk Jowers; and others.”)

2. CMV organizers don’t go to their own caucuses (and didn’t bother to offer public comments in political party meetings or legislative hearings).

Source: (“Mike Leavitt didn’t attend his neighborhood caucus in 2012. … just a third of the donors … have been to a party caucus in the last several years.”)

Source: (“Nobody from Count My Vote testified on Bramble’s bill, but organizers don’t like the approach.”)

3. The real motivation behind CMV is that the organizers want to be able to access the Republican primary ballot without going through the party’s long-established procedures and processes. To me, this is like trying to become Pope without going through the conclave. Mind you, these wealthy people could already access the ballots as independents — but they want the well-branded GOP (R) after their names!

4. The first fatal flaw of CMV is that it fails to provide a runoff after a direct, open primary. If you have 12 candidates, then one could win with 15% of the vote. This could have happened in 2002 or 2012 when Utah had open congressional seats and ten or more Republicans filed.

5. the second fatal flaw is that a republican running for governor would have to gather 427% more signatures to get on the ballot than a democrat. I’m not sure that’s even constitutional! Here are the numbers: 13,124 signatures for a republican and 2,798 for Democrats. And yes, those are the numbers mandated by CMV. Sound fair to you?


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